What is the purpose of the Consumers Angel Blog?

To assist the Consumer in resolving any complaint they may have. We offer information to assist consumers in resolving grievances. Provide useful resources, as well as guide them through the process toward resolution.


Who writes the blogs?

The research staff at Consumers Angel, Inc.


What is the source of the facts used in the blogs?

The blogs come from both personal experiences and research of the issues on the Internet.


Will Consumers Angel help us to resolve our consumer complaints?

Yes, if you send your complaint/problem to HelpMe@consumersangel.com our staff will work with you to help resolve your complains. In so doing, we retain the right to publicize the process and results of our actions without directly attributing the problem to you .


How can we contact Consumers Angel staff ?

Please email:  ResearchStaff@consumersangel.com or please fell free to leave us a comment below and we will reach out to you.

One thought on “FAQ

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