Holiday season share your shopping frustrations

We’re excited to announce our new App., BlastEm, is available as a FREE download in the App Store. Since it is a new App you will need to search the App Store by the exact name BlastEm. You can also find it on Google with the following search argument “BlastEm app on iTunes”. It will be the second result returned.

Tired of being ignored and mistreated by large, faceless businesses? Has Holiday shopping already left you feeling angry and frustrated with no recourse? BlastEm is the answer!

BlastEm is a consumer-advocacy application that enables the underdog consumer to have their voice heard by business leaders who can make a difference. The application enables the consumer to have direct e-mail contact with executives of over 250,000 companies. The consumer can send a message – including text, photos, and video – to share a complaint, a great experience, or just a suggestion. BlastEm allows users to send copies of their communication to the press, social media, regulators, and business reviewers.

If you are frustrated and feeling powerless, BlastEm will be your voice… a voice that will be difficult to ignore.

We welcome feedback and comments to further enhance the app.

#Consumer #ConsumerComplaints#Complaints #ConsumerProtection

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