Saving money on eyeglasses

Today it is easy to spend hundreds of dollars on new eyeglasses. This is especially so if you add options, such as bifocals, progressive no line lenses, anti-scratch coatings and UV protection.

One big question for many of us is how we look in the glasses; we can spend hours in eyeglass stores trying on dozens of frames until we find one we are happy with. There is a web site we highly recommend featuring great glasses at bargain prices. The company is Zenni and you can find it at

How Will I Look?

At Zenni’s web site you can upload your picture and see exactly how you will look in dozens of frames in just a few minutes. You can even personalize your frames. If you want to speak with a representative, you can do so using Zenni’s live chat feature or 800 number.

Personal Experiences

Talking with a friend a few days ago, I commented on his new glasses and how perfectly suited they were for him. He told me he had just bought them at Zenni and they cost him under $20.00. He was totally satisfied with the shopping experience and delighted with the savings. His previous pair of glasses, which he purchased at a discount eyeglass chain, had cost him over $100.00.

Additional Sites for Glasses

You can also try and, both of which look very interesting but with which we have no personal experience.

Help with Your Shopping

Today, when saving every penny helps, it is easy to go to your favorite search engine and type in “saving money on …” and see what options come up for the frugal shopper.

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