Service from my Local Phone Company – Verizon

Like many of us I have become very dependent on the Internet. I work from home occasionally and I need my Internet access for that. Many personal financial activities are also done regularly on the Internet as well over my secure WiFi network. This past Friday at about 11:30 AM while I was working on a project for an important client my Internet service went down.

I immediately did all of the things I know that they do to fix the problem simply. I reset my DSL modem twice and I was still unable to connect. My next step was to call Verizon and they did the usual and ran I line test. I was told that they were uncertain if the problem was in their central office or on my side. I was asked about things like had I decently installed any new software and finally I was transferred to a network specialist. He ran diagnostics and told me the problem was definitely in the central office and it would be corrected in 12 to 24 hours. I explained that I needed the Internet to communicate with my client and he noted my records and said he would do what he could to get the problem resolved quickly.

When nothing had changed and I had no update by 4:00 PM Friday afternoon, I called back. I was given the usual runaround that Verizon gives to people by trying to talk over their head about how serious the problem is in words most people would not understand. The problem is I do understand this and I was not impressed when I was told they had a bad port or that they had to replace the DSLAM. I was again promised that the problem would be fixed in 12 to 24 hours.

I wake up Saturday morning and go to check to see if the problem has been resolved and low and behold my landline to which my DSL is attached is no longer working. I guess they must have switched out the DSLAM. Bad guess!! Many more conversations with Verizon representatives and supervisors, who promise to call back with status and never do and my phone service is restored by 1:00 PM on Saturday. I discovered this because the phone rang (Not Verizon calling). Still no Internet service.

On Sunday after many more calls and conversations with two more supervisors, I am finally told what the real issue is. Verizon outsources the maintenance of the equipment in their central offices to a third party but their contract with the outsourcing company is only for five days a week. When I heard this I was flabbergasted. I asked the supervisor if Verizon though of itself as an Internet company. Of course they do!! Well when I suggested that all other Internet companies I know run 24 x 7 operations 365 days a year there was no reply only an apology.

For those of us who are captive to a single provider, like I am we need some help with this irresponsible behavior by a monopoly.

#Consumer #ConsumerAdvocate #Verizon #VerizonBadBehavior #VerizonIsNotAnInternetCompany

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