Time to save on your gasoline bill

Summer time is coming and that means many of us will be driving more at a time when gasoline prices normally are on the rise. Currently we have the largest crude oil reserve in many years, but we’re still seeing the price at the pump go up. What are some things we can do as savvy consumers to help?

Reduced speed

This will significantly improve fuel efficiency. A speed of around 55 miles an hour maximizes your fuel efficiency and in most places is the legal limit. It can be frustrating when we are in a hurry but consistent speed will really increase the time between each fill up.

Best routing

The Personal Navigation Device (PND) allows drivers to optimize routes, decreasing drive time and lowering the cost of fuel. By reducing mileage and fuel usage, you not only save money, but we can also decrease our carbon footprint

Best traffic avoidance

The TomTom PND (Cost between $100 and $225 depending on features – shop on the Internet) includes contributions by over 100 million probes to HD traffic ™, an exclusive real-time traffic information service. IQ Routes uses real speed data to calculate the fastest route for any time of day or day of the week, saving time and money on fuel.

Hardware that helps

The GTE performance Chip by PerformanceChipTuning.com ($69.99) adds 4 -5 mpg and is simple to install. Additionally it improves the performance of all cars with an electronic fuel injection system.

Reward cards

Both Shell and BP are now offering reward cards that provide free gas and/or lower gas prices for loyal customers. You will need to do a little comparison shopping to see if this pays off but it usually will. These cards are free.

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