The other side of the coin

We have posted many blogs about the problems dealing with businesses that are not responsive to the experience of their customers. How about when we receive #ExceptionalService? Statistics show we are three times more likely to complain than to make a compliment. When we have a bad experience on average we tell sixteen people and when we have a good one less than five.

Business need to know when they are doing a good job as well as when they are screwing up. We can help make business more customer focused by telling them when they have delighted us as well as when we have disappointed us. It usually only takes a few minutes to let a business know when they have exceeded our expectations and compliment them for their fine service.

What we at Consumer Angel are looking for is an economic environment where it is in the businesses best interest to be responsive to our needs as consumers. In order to accomplish this we feel that consumer feedback is going to drive this change because it is in the business best interest to listen.

This means we need to use our power as a consumer through social media and direct communications with the leaders of business to reward those businesses that have our interests at heart and punish those who don’t. We have the power to send our experiences to millions of other people and to influence the way we are all treated. We just need to do it. That means we need to let as many people and institutions as possible know about our good experiences as well as our bad ones.

#consumer #ConsumerAdvocacy

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