The phone tree again

We have avoided being repetitive in our consumer blogs, but this story is too good to pass up. After our blog on the problem with phone trees we received several comments from our readers. They shared the various methods they have used to speak with a ‘live’ person. Apparently, it does not always pay to be polite.

When you are dealing with a voice activated phone tree apparently many of them are programmed to intercept four letter words and send you directly to a carbon life form. We tested this out on five voice activated phone trees and it worked on all five. We were amazed by this!

My favorite story comes from one of our followers who tells us she spent 10 frustrating minutes in an endless loop saying “Agent” and “Representative”. She made no progress during those long 10 minutes and out of sheer frustration said “F..k it”. Immediately afterward she heard, “you are being transferred to an agent …”.She tells us she has used this on 3 other phone trees and it has consistently worked for her.

We also tried, “Ah S..t” and that seems to work as well. This was just too funny not to pass on to our loyal followers.

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