How to protect your computer

Today we surrounded by computer savvy people. The unscrupulous kind, can gain access to our personal computers. Unwanted software can be a commonplace annoyance causing our computers to function slower than normal. That is the best case scenario! At worse, passwords can be altered or your #identity can be stolen. This serious problem is costing the American consumer an estimated 18 billion dollars a year. Once your #Identity is compromised it is a long, hard and expensive process to fix.

The best solution is prevention. You should have two pieces of software installed on your computer, one for antivirus and another for malware protection. If you install multiple pieces of protection software such as, Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee at the same time they will often fight with each other and cause you more problems while not providing you with the protection you need.

The best protection available today is a combination of two products. Microsoft Essentials is an excellent product and is a free download from Microsoft. It is important to allow it to continually update its virus patterns because there are literally 6000 new viruses released a month.

The second product is Malwarebyte Anti-Malware. There is a free one month trial and the full version of the product costs $24.95.

The two of these working together should keep your computer safe from most malicious attacks. As always it is important to use common sense and not go to websites that look dangerous. Additionally, there are two types of files you should NEVER open unless they come from trusted sources. They are files that end with either .exe or .zip. These files are often attached to emails and unless you are very sure of the sender of these email just hit the delete button.


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