Beware of Credit Score Scams

Have you ever received an email with the subject line, of “Your TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian Scores May Have Changed”. “Your TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian Scores May Have Been Modified” or “Your Credit Score Has Changed”. These and other similar subject lines, offering you a free look at your credit scores are usually sent by professional scam artists. BEWARE!!

These scam artists sometimes will give you the scores and other times they will,( after you have given them the details of who you are including your personal data like your address and social security number ), tell you that you are not eligible for the free score but you can sign up for their monitoring service for a charge. They will ask you for a credit card number for a “refundable” $1.00 charge.

What happens next? After you are able to look at your credit scores, you receive a charge on your next credit card statement for a monitoring of your credit scores. You will need to go through significant trouble to get this charge reversed.

Also beware of those that advertise on TV like which only monitors Experian and not the other two major credit rating agencies, Equifax and TransUnion. If you are going to monitor your credit you need to look at all three services.

If you want to monitor your credit score the two services we recommend are IdentityGuard and PrivacyGuard. Both offer monitoring of all three credit bureaus as well as a 30 day trial. We like IdentityGuard best because it offers the most comprehensive and best overall service. Additionally, it has a 30 day really free trial and offers a 25% discount.

In today’s world it is important to protect your credit rating and your identity. You should pick the service that does the best job and not the scam artists who are just after your money and who operate from scare tactics.

One thought on “Beware of Credit Score Scams

  1. Great advice, thanks. I have always admired both the depth of your advice and the creativity with which you put them across. Identitymonitor from Citi is also one other service that I would like to recommend. Try

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