How can I discover if there is an active class action lawsuit raising the same complaint I have?

How can I discover if there is an active class action lawsuit raising the same complaint I have?

Many of the most egregious issues a consumer may face are subject to legal action. The question is, how do you, as a consumer, discover if other people have had the same or a similar problem and if so how can you join in that action.

Our legal system has a civil law process allowing people who have been harmed by a business violating the law to potentially receive settlements from that business. We have all read about the mortgage mess and the lawsuits that have arisen out of the financial institutions shortcutting the law. Many people have or will receive significant help from the class action law suits that have been filed. The larger the group the more pressure that can be put on the offending businesses to settle with the consumer, although settlement often requires months if not years of litigation.

How can you find out if such a group exists for your problem? How can you find an attorney to represent you for your problem? How much will it cost you?

The site is a good place to start. They have the details for a number of business categories including automobiles, financial services, Insurance, retail stores, sales and marketing, telephone services, travel and utilities. You can view existing lawsuits and determine whether your issue is among those included. Additionally, the site will help you locate an attorney who can advise you as to whether your complaint would make a good class action lawsuit and who can work with you on pursuing it.

As to the cost, these cases often are taken on a contingency basis, which means that you will only pay if and when there is a recovery. Legal payment will be taken out of that recovery.

You should know that you may well not receive the full amount of your claim after legal fees and attorney expenses are deducted from the recovery amount.

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