What Ever Happened to A Free Cookie Given with Kindness?

What Ever Happened to A Free Cookie Given with Kindness?

When I was kid (back in the day) accompanying my parents to the bakery or the butcher was always a treat!! Who doesn’t have a fond memory of “the nice bakery lady" leaning over and secretly handing you a cookie or the butcher slicing off a piece of bologna to munch on while mom’s order was being prepared.

Today I went to a popular bakery in my area. They are always busy and I have noticed that despite a strong customer following, the attitudes of the workers have declined. I usually don’t go there for just that reason.

The service is not particularly prompt, nor is it friendly. However, despite a similar selection in the supermarket, sometimes a bakery wrapped item still commands a premium because of the perceived differences in the quality of the goods

I took my young son with me. He immediately ran to the cookie area and started sizing up the goods.

Before taking my order, the “Not so nice bakery lady" leaned over to my son and admonished him for leaving his nose print on her glass".

Now, my son is not perfect, what kid is. However he was not running up and down the bakery with finger paint on his hands dirtying up the glass. He was merely doing what every kid has done for decades.

I glanced over to the other side of the store and noticed three adults putting their hands all over the glass pointing to items or just leaning to keep them comfortable while they waited.

I chose to leave the bakery, but explained to my son in front of the "not so nice bakery lady", that when Mommy was a little girl, the workers at the bakery were smart enough to know that the way to a Mother’s business had a lot to do with how her children were treated.

That one small cookie and a wipe of the glass counter (which they do time and time again all day) helped to keep my parents as loyal customers.

I await the day when the supermarkets decide to upgrade their boxes at the bakery dept. Perhaps, invest in some old fashioned red and white twine to wrap their goods and a nice fancy sticker. Or I await the day when some of the bakeries that have survived the superstore takeovers, will remember that it is easy to make a sale, it is still an art to keep a customer.

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