Should I have a YouTube account?

Should I have a YouTube account?

Yes, because this will allow you to create interest in your issues and to develop a following of people who have had similar problems.

Additionally, YouTube allows you to post videos you have taken about any situation that you find disturbing and immediately get a large audience. This will provide you with significant leverage in dealing with a business that has behaved poorly.

If you are being treated rudely by customer service at a business, a video of the event posted on YouTube is a good way to get satisfaction. All you need is a smart phone and the camera application will allow you to take videos as well as still pictures. On an iPhone when you bring up the camera application you will notice a slider in the lower right corner. Push the slider to the right under the square with the triangle on its right and you will be taking videos.

Setting up a YouTube account is easy. Go to At the bottom of the left most column you will see a gray box and just click on Sign in >. In the upper right corner of the next page there is a red button CREATE AN ACCOUNT. Click on that button and you will be prompted as to all you need to do to create your account.

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