How do I find local elected officials?

How do I find local elected officials?

You can create a web search in Google, Bing, etc. such as, “Your state legislature members” and you will receive a reply, for example, “Assembly Members – New York State Assembly”. Selecting the above result from your search will take you to your state government’s site where you will be prompted to enter your address in order to find the specifics about how to contact your representative.

You can also find county, town or city legislators in the same way. For example, if you are looking for your New York City councilperson, a search for “new york city council members” will send you to where you can input your address and borough and you’ll receive your city councilpersons name, email and snail mail addresses.

Since our elected officials want our votes, they are usually easy to find once you know how to structure your search.

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