How do I find local media contacts?

How do I find local media contacts?

When you are in your home town you probably are familiar with your local radio and TV stations.

How do you find these contacts when you are away? A simple query to Google, Yahoo and Bing can get you the email address of the type of media you wish to contact. If you are in a place you don’t know, for example" New York City", then a query like, “New York city newspaper list”, will locate sites with a listing of local papers. From there, you can choose the contact(s) you seek.

Print media is always looking for human interest stories In order to get published you need to make your complaint both interesting and entertaining. By sending your complaint to several local media outlets you may create competition for who will publish your story first. The more interest there is in your story, the greater the buzz, the chance of your complaint being resolved greatly increases.

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