Should I have a Twitter Account

Should I have a Twitter Account?

Perhaps the Paparazzi are not hanging on your every word. Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable with social media. However, you may still want to consider a Twitter account. It is a way for one voice to be heard by many, this can be beneficial when you are dealing with a large company and need to be heard.

When you have a twitter account you can post messages to twitter, called tweets. Tweets are short, only 140 characters. But you can actually make them longer by creating a link in your tweet to a document; add a picture or even a video. What drives twitter is a hash tag which is actually a way of indexing your tweet. Let’s say you had a bad experience with a bank teller and you want the bank to know. You would imbed something like this #mybank#rude Teller in your tweet.

Now anyone who does a search on Twitter for ‘my bank’ or ‘rude teller’ will see your tweet. If you craft the tweet well, i.e., make it humorous, people will see it and start to pass it on. This is known as retweeting.

It will be much easier to get the banks attention by hundreds of individuals retweeting and reading your bad experience. The bank will be more likely to remedy the situation in order to stop the snow ball effect of bad press Twitter can cause. It is much better than calling customer service and sitting there for a half an hour waiting to talk to a live person!

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