How to Complain In Order to be Heard

How to Complain In Order to be Heard?

Companies probably receive thousands of complaints. In order to receive attention here are a few tips:

1. We strongly suggest you remain professional and calm no matter how upset you are. Swearing, threatening or taking a nasty tone only escalates the situation. Your goal is satisfaction in a timely fashion. Keep that in mind.

2. Ask for a supervisor if the person you are speaking with does not understand your complaint nor has the authority to resolve your issue.

3. Have a pen and paper ready to write down the names of the people you are speaking with, documentation is crucial when going up the chain of command.

4. Be prepared with all pertinent documentation prior to speaking with a company representative. Have receipts, dates and time of offense, your credit card number if applicable; name of the salesperson that treated you poorly, how long you have been a customer of the company. Customer loyalty is important as is being able to cite dates, times, and names quickly and professionally. Always ask for the name of the person you are speaking with and write it down. Documentation speaks volumes.

5. If you complain by e-mail, remember it is easy to hit the delete key if your e-mail is phrased in an unprofessional manner. Make sure you cc the appropriate regulator(s) in your email. It will show you are serious about your complaint and will follow up if you are not contacted.

6. If your are calling and have sat on the phone for a half hour going through their phone tree, it is likely your agitation will increase by the minute. Put the call on speaker phone and do something productive until you get a live person. Once you do, remember your goal is to get the problem fixed not to receive justice. You can speak to your friends and families about "justice", but in this situation you want satisfaction.

Even the court system is not based solely on justice; they care about what is legal not only what is just.

7. Humor or a light hearted tone can be extremely effective. Act as if you are not completed agitated, particularly when you first reach a live person. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. They probably hear complaints 8 hours each day, how refreshing it would be for them to hear a kind voice.

This is a human interaction, ask how they are? Ask their first name and use it while you are speaking to them. Perhaps joke about how many computer generated voices you have heard prior to getting them on the line and say how happy you are to finally hear a live voice!!

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