Should I have a Facebook account?

Should I have a Facebook account?

Social media sites, like Facebook, have both positive and negative aspects to them. On the positive side, being on Facebook allows you to communicate with your friends and family via a single location. You only have to post your information once and it will reach many people in your personal circle.

As a consumer, you can utilize your Facebook account to easily inform your network about an exceptional experience you have had with a business. Companies do notice this and when you are viewed as a person who has many contacts, and can impact many people with your posts, you are often treated differently and often much better.

On the negative side, you do need to be careful how you set your permissions. You could inadvertently allow anyone to post on your account. In addition, as with any public forum, you need to be careful what you post and the type of information posted. For example, you should never put your social security number on your Facebook account anywhere. By exercising reasonable prudence Facebook can be a valuable tool in your relationships with your friends but in the business community as well.

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