How do I structure my complaint to get a regulator’s attention?

There are many reasons to file a complaint with a company. If all you want is to vent then it really does not matter how you structure the complaint, but if you are looking for the company to fix the problem then there are several key things to look at. First while your specific problem may be of great concern and annoyance to you the regulators don’t care about justice but they do care if the problem you have is affecting many people. For example, if you are being charged a late fee by your credit card company based on the date they post your payment not the date it is sent or received this will get the regulator’s interest, not the fact that you were treated rudely when you called to ask for an explanation. The second thing that will get the regulator’s interested peaked is if you can show a pattern and practice that violates the regulations. Using the above example you could show that your credit card company has raised your interest rate based on the supposed late arrival of your payment. This is again an item which will create interest on the problem. So in summary:
1) Make sure you structure your complaint so it appears to affect many people.
      2) Show how you complaint illustrates a pattern and practice by the company of harming the consumer.

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